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12 College Majors for Earth-Loving Students

Alyson Campbell April 22, 2024

12 College Majors

Happy Earth Day! To celebrate, we want to highlight different college pathways for our "earth-loving" students. There are a variety of majors that deal with all things “green”, as well as some others that may not spell it out in black and white. Some of these majors are easier to find on college campuses, while others are a bit more niche in nature (pun totally intended). 

The most obvious major for Earth lovers is a degree in Environmental Science. This covers a broad range of topics such as: conservation, climate change, biology, ecology, sustainability, renewable energy, policy, and more. The work settings for environmental scientists vary - some may focus on field work, some are in a lab, and some work behind a desk. Many environmental scientists find themselves pursuing a master's degree in a specific subject area once they have experienced the broad curriculum during their undergraduate studies. 

Another extremely popular major for those of who love the planet, people, and profit is Sustainability. Students majoring in Sustainability learn about environmental management, analyzing environmental systems and research methods, and prepare themselves for careers that help organizations and businesses build more environmentally friendly practices. There is big money being poured into sustainability efforts by companies and employers. Many are seeking professionals who are knowledgeable about what would work for them and how they can put these systems and measures into practice. 

Who is ready for all the “ologies”?  Did you know that “ology” means “study of something?" Biology: the study of life and organisms. How can you make this more tailored to the environment, you ask? Perhaps a major in Environmental Biology! This area of study provides students with a foundation in evolutionary biology and environmental science, population, and competency in chemistry and math.

Students studying Zoology study animals as it relates to interactions in their environmental surroundings.  Zoologists can study how an animal species’ behavior is affected by the environment, and how changes in the environment can affect the health of a species.

Ecology is a very broad major and is closely tied to environmental science as it relates to ALL living things. Studying evolution, extinction, population, ecosystems, and more will help you better understand Mother Nature!

Of course, Geology ROCKS (yes, we love puns)! But, Environmental Geology is where it's at. Students studying Environmental Geology get to know the geosphere (the solid Earth), about the Earth’s layers, and how ground and soil can tell us things about erosion, pollution, soil fertility and more.

Agriculture and Environmental Systems may be for you if you have an interest in horticulture, food systems, farming, and biotechnology. You will gain a fundamental understanding of biology, biochemistry, and planting systems. You may find Sustainable Food Systems as a parallel degree program when doing your research. 

Forestry majors will have the opportunity to study how to create, use, manage, plant, and conserve and repair forests and woodlands. They learn how to utilize these resources for human and environmental benefits. Forestry majors also learn about sustainable energy and reducing carbon emissions to help the environment. This is a great opportunity for a future within a parks system!

This major is a bit harder to find, but Wildlife Conservation or Wildlife Science intermixes zoology, ecology, biology, and agricultural science. If you have a deep love and compassion for animals, and for their co-existence on planet Earth, this could be a great major for you. 

Rounding out our highlighted Earth-loving majors, we cannot forget about Atmospheric Science! Typically tied to meteorology (the study of weather), atmospheric science covers everything that is in the atmosphere...including the EARTH! Many environmentally-focused atmospheric science majors study climate change, greenhouse effects, and how weather and planetary phenomenons impact the globe. 

We understand that this work is extremely important, and we need the next generation of bright young stars to light and lead the way. To those of you that care about the Earth and all of us that occupy it, the team at Estrela Consulting thanks you!

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