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Major Focus: Nursing

Nowadays exuding care for our fellow human beings feels paramount. Times are tough. And our nation’s nurses are the epitome of caregivers (and probably need our care the most right now). Whether you’ve been to a doctor’s office, the dentist, or even the hospital chances are you’ve been treated by one of healthcare’s front line wonders. Personally, I have had nothing but amazing experiences with ...
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Major Focus: Zoology and Marine Biology

One of my favorite pastimes has always been a trip to the zoo. I find the animal world to be innately fascinating and now that I am a parent, it is equally rewarding to watch my young children experience this joy. Hands coated in sticky Dippin’ Dots and noses pressed against the exhibit glass, they gaze with wonder and delight at the mesmerizing creatures while mimicking their howls and roars. 
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Coasters to Canines: Unique and Quirky College Majors

Amber Gilsdorf August 16, 2019 majors, careers
  As we all know, August is Back to School month. But did you also know that August also contains some other unique days? Aviation Day. National Dog Day. National Honey Bee Awareness Day. National Mountain Climbing Day. National Roller Coaster Day. Inspired by August’s mixture of quirky days, we’ve put together a short list of related quirky majors!
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