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A Letter from Our Founder on Discrimination and Racism

Kristina Dooley June 05, 2020

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To our Estrela families, friends and colleagues, 

I write today on behalf of our Estrela team to express our sincere heartbreak over the tragic events happening in our world today. More than 150 years ago the United States abolished slavery and yet here we sit, in 2020, watching systemic racism and injustice playing out across our country. As educators supporting students from all walks of life, we are saddened and angered that our young people of color are faced with fear of discrimination, intolerance and abuse. We believe that every human being is worthy of dignity, care, respect, compassion and opportunity. So, my message to you today is this: we at Estrela do not support or condone discrimination in any form against anyone. Ever. 

We believe that diversity, inclusion, and acceptance of differences are more than simply words. They are shown by our actions and they define our character. We realize now more than ever that we must not be bystanders and that we must speak up and act. We stand with the families of these victims and all victims of hate.  We stand united with our students, their families, and all people of color in our communities - both personal and professional -  in rejecting racism and discrimination.

We support our students who, through voting, peaceful protests, community activism and volunteerism, are helping to create change...and will continue to do so beyond our current days. They are a true example that voices of all ages are needed and critical to effect change in our nation. We need them and they must know they have our support.

Finally, I’d like to share the words of Georgetown University President John J. DeGioia, who so clearly articulates what we must do now:

“We need to confront the violence that shapes the daily experiences of far too many, who expect so much more of us, as a people.  We need to listen to the anger, the pain, the trauma that accompanies our failure to meet these expectations. This requires the work of each of us and of all of us.  Individually, in each of our own interiority, we must determine how we contribute to perpetuating injustice and sustaining structures that cannot continue and that now must be reimagined.” 

Again, it is our actions, not our words, that will help end this senseless injustice in our world. Our Estrela team is committed to speaking up and speaking out whenever we witness hatred, racism or injustice in any form. Our hope is that you will do the same.

Kristina L. Dooley, CEP
Founder and President, Estrela Consulting


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