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Virtual Volunteerism: 6 Ways to Get Involved Remotely

Jasmine Wheeler January 29, 2021

Virtual VolunteerismAs the pandemic continues, many in-person volunteer opportunities may still be shut down, leaving many teens without typical opportunities to give back to their communities. However, even during these challenging circumstances, service-oriented teens can still take advantage of digital opportunities! Whether you’re interested in translation, making phone calls, or tutoring, chances are there’s an opportunity that fits your skills and interests online. Check out these six ways you can volunteer digitally!

#1: Get Involved With Politics

Though the election cycle is over, you can still make your voice heard! Through organizations such as Amnesty International, you can write letters on the behalf of wrongly-incarcerated individuals. Additionally, the United Nations offers many digital volunteering opportunities for students interested in exploring international relations from home. 

#2: Tutor Virtually

Do you have an academic subject you love? Share your passion with students in need of assistance through virtual tutoring! Websites such as and School on Wheels offer opportunities for tutors to connect with students seeking help in their preferred subjects.

#3: Proofread for Project Gutenberg

Are you a book buff? Project Gutenberg is a long-running project that specializes in making public-domain books free and accessible to the world by uploading them online! This massive undertaking requires a lot of volunteer proofreaders, so take the opportunity to explore new books (and sharpen your grammar skills!). 

#4: Join the Humane Society Phone Bank

Believe it or not, you can help support animal rights from home! By working with the Humane Society phone bank, you can help raise funds to support animals in need! Not too keen on calling others? No worries! This organization has plenty of other remote opportunities, such as social media management and political internships.

#5: Translate TED Talks

Can you speak more than one language? Offer your skills to the TED Talk program! By working to translate their informative videos into new languages, you can “help spread ideas to a global audience” and practice your language skills along the way. 

#6: Explore Catchafire

Unsure of how you might want to start volunteering? No worries! At Catchafire you can explore how you might use your skills and interests to help a cause. Check out the site and take a few moments to explore what opportunities might be perfect for you! 

I know it can feel difficult to stay motivated and search for opportunities in the face of current circumstances. Hopefully the resources provided here will help inspire you to take a step into the digital volunteering space and make an impact on your community from the safety of your own home. 

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We are thrilled to announce a new Estrela column: "Jasmine's Take!" Jasmine Wheeler joins Estrela’s team as a recent high school graduate, taking a gap year before joining Stanford’s Class of 2025. Working in social media management and writing, she hopes to offer an insider perspective on what it’s like to go through the college process. In her spare time, Jasmine enjoys watching films with her family and working on her writing projects.

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